Shoelace + Refersion

Shoelace helps fast-growing DTC brands create memorable retargeting journeys that boost sales and increase LTV.


  • Shoelace's Journeys product uses Customer Journey Retargeting, a personalized approach to retargeting that shows the right person, the right ad, at the right time based on where they are in the buying journey.
  • Shoelace also boasts a powerful ad automation product known as Automations which allows marketers to set up triggers that automatically create retargeting ads based on a brand's activity.

Why Shoelace?

Consumers are tired of generic retargeting that shows the same, repetitive and impersonal content over and over again. That is, in a word, “annoying” and “annoying” is not how you want your brand to be remembered. That's where Shoelace comes in.

Shoelace uses your brand’s content and marketing assets to create Customer Journey Retargeting that builds emotional connections, tells your brand story and creates memorable experiences for your customers. Content tailored to specific segments helps brands boost conversions and has been proven to increase retargeting revenue, on average, by 30% for high-growth brands.

Shoelace has over 300 5-star reviews on the Shopify app store and works with over 1,500 DTC brands to create powerful customer journeys so their teams' expertise in retargeting is unparalleled.